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1st-Jan-2020 09:56 pm(no subject)
[hp] gryffindor
6th-Jun-2012 08:04 pm - 100 Things [004/100]
[*s] cake
a random pic from my phone today.
I drink way too much of this - usually only the diet version though.
23rd-May-2012 08:45 pm - So... it's been a while.
[hp] gryffindor
First off and before I forget a big
Thank You!!
for those of you who wished me a Happy Birthday earlier on in the month. I wasn't near a computer at the time, and I'm sorry for not responding to your posts. *hugs flist*
Also, I've decided to do the '100 things challenge' to try and get myself back into using LJ properly.

{Take the 100 Things challenge!}

What am I doing it on? 100 Photos I've taken myself.
Some of them will be basic, random photos taken during my day and others I might play about with PS-wise depending on my mood. Some might be copied from Instagram on my phone as I'm a little addicted to that at the moment.
15th-Feb-2009 02:08 am - Icons: Celebs [35]
[hp] gryffindor
Bored, single sara = icons. ♥ I'm rather proud of these, I think.

35 celeb icons:
+ Kate Beckinsale
+ Boyd Holbrook
+ Kristen Stewart
+ Lily Allen
+ Katy Perry
+ Jackson Rathbone

a b c

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[x] Credit is love, as are comments!
[x] Please don't edit; if you want text etc please just ask! ♥
10th-Feb-2009 01:05 am - ICONS!
[hp] gryffindor
Thought I'd make a post of all the icons I've made so far for contests. {{x-posted to hp_icons}}

Various: [44icons total]
+ 33 Hermione Granger {mostly from hermione_stills contests}
+ 2 Trio icons
+ 2 Harry Potter Quotes (Hermione Granger)
+ 7 Basic/Stock Icons {from basic_icontest contests}

001 002 003 004 005

( Fake cut to my icon journal! )
3rd-Dec-2008 01:35 am - 12 Merlin lovebars. ^^
[hp] gryffindor
12 Merlin 'Lovebars'

Previous set: HERE

x. Character specific; Lancelot, Uther, Morgana
x. Pairing specific; Uther/Morgana, Merlin/Morgana, Arthur/Morgana
x. Plus the option to request personal/alternate ones.

EXAMPLE: (Actual bars are bigger!)

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1st-Dec-2008 05:12 am - Love Bars. ^_^
[hp] gryffindor
18 Merlin 'Colourbars'


General; Character specific; pairing specific; et al. Plus the option to request personal/alternate ones.

EXAMPLES: (Actual bars are bigger!)



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PS: I'm working on some Uther, Dragon, Camelot, Badguys etc ones, too. If you have any ideas, let me know!
30th-Oct-2008 12:01 am - Icons, Icons, Icons...
[hp] gryffindor
[x] First up is the set of icons I've made using scent_of_autumn's brill manips.

a b c

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[x] Second, the second batch of my 100 POA icons for icons100.
30 new ones, making 50 in total so far. Whee, I'm half way there!

a b c

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6th-Feb-2007 08:08 pm(no subject)
[hp] gryffindor
Credits for moodthemes, user pics, headers, etc.

Cinderella by staticlost
Beauty & the Beast by staticlost
Lilo & Stitch by likefluffy
Merlin by ultimate_trick

profile image
header image
user mini icon
comm icon
linkbar icons
8th-Nov-1998 07:49 pm - HTML 1 - BASIC TAGS
[hp] gryffindor
A sort of how-to on various HTML tags/methods used on Livejournal. Partly because a couple of people have asked, and partly because it saves me searching for it when I'm posting myself.

1. Basic Tags HereCollapse )
8th-Nov-1998 06:32 pm - HTML 2 - LINKS, FAKE CUTS, LJ CUTS
[hp] gryffindor
When using HTML in entries, you need to make sure you are in the HTML entry mode.
The Rich Text mode method is different. For comments, it is automatically in HTML entry 'mode' so you don't need to worry.

If you're still not sure, here are is a printscreen:
Where to check you are in the correct mode to post.

1. LJ cuts
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2. Links
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